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The Truth About Nutrition

Eating from a smaller plate is an easy trick to feel satisfied with a smaller portion

Eating from a smaller plate is an easy trick to feel satisfied with a smaller portion

We see it in our practice all the time—patients who are trying the latest supplement craze or trendy fad diet.

Why? Because we live in a world where we crave instant gratification. It’s hard to not want to try a product that promises fast results. You’ve probably seen commercials or ads that claim things like:

“Lose 20 pounds in three weeks!”

“Feel better than ever before!”

“Reduce your waist size with just one pill a day!”

The problem with these claims? They’re just not something that you can maintain. Sure, losing 20 pounds in a few weeks is possible—but it’s not always healthy, and certainly difficult to continue.

Easy, Effective Tips for Nutritional Success

When it comes to nutrition, we’d like to offer our patients a few easy tips they can implement into their daily lives that won’t break the bank or cause unhealthy habits.

  • Not all supplements are bad, but you should know that only 5% of your nutritional needs should come from them. Take a look at your diet, or talk to us, and we can help recommend something that may be missing from your daily life.
  • There are a lot of fancy ways to make things seem healthy. For example, “Vegan, Gluten Free Protein Bars”. The catch? They’re still processed. One of the best things you can do for your diet is to stay away from products that come in plastic bags or wrappers—this usually is indicative of processing.
  • Incorporate more whole foods into your diet—especially lean, organic meats and vegetables. Think cooking takes too long? Try baking your dinner in one pan—meat on one side, seasoned vegetables on the other. Simply set it and forget it!
  • Pay attention to portion size. Far too many of us (Dr. Nick included!) are used to large meals that contain much more calories than we actually need. Dr. Nick suggests an easy trick—when it comes to dinner, grab a smaller plate, like the one in the picture above. You may find that filling a smaller plate keeps you full without overeating.

Wondering what else you can do to stay healthy and fit? Visit us for regular chiropractic adjustments. We look forward to seeing you in the practice soon.

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